Hoback Kwaiback MK5 Agent Fatal 15 III Limited Edition
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The Hoback Kwaiback MK5 Agent Fatal 15 III finish with Black Blade.  This is a very limited run special edition with the Fatal 15 III Agency Arms finish and Fallout black blade.


The new Kwaiback MK5 was introduced in June of 2019 and incorporates some great new design changes that improve performance and allows for longer periods between cleanings!  These include:

- An external stop pin versus an internal stop pin

- A detent that engages the blade at the stop pin track versus its own hole in the blade

- An improved lock insert shape and a reduced number of hold-down screws

- Improved lightening pockes for easier cleaning of the knife




Blade:  0.1875 Thick Nitro-V Steel with Fallout Black DLC Finish

Frame:  0.1875 Thick Titanium with MultiCam Finish

Overall Length 9"

Blade Length 3.75"

Closed Length 5.3"

Carry Options for Tip and Right or Left Hand

Weight 6.0 oz per our scale


Additional Features:

-Pivot Thrust Bearings

-Hoback Roller Detent (HRD)

-Hardened Stainless Steel Lock Insert with Over Travel Protection

-Engineered Internal Lightening Pockets

-Standard Screw sizes for ease of replacement

-Cold Formed Bearing Races (Work-Hardened to increase bearing and knife life)


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Hoback Kwaiback MK5 Agent Fatal 15 III Limited Edition

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