Wilmont Custom Skarn Hammered Ti Purple and Blue S35VN
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Chris Williams of Wilmont Knives has been mostly known for making grinders and fixed blades.   In January of 2019 he decided to start making folders.   In 6 short months is making one heck of an amazing knife.  While still a little rough with some of the finishes these knives are overbuilt, flip well and each one has a unique finish to it.   This is a chance to get in on a full custom knife at ground floor prices as there is no doubt he will grow in popularity and demand in no time. 


The Wilmont Knives Custom Skarn is the larger of 2 custom folders made by Chris.   It has 3/16" thick Handles with a 3/16" thick S35VN blade.   It is a beast of a knife.  This knife comes with Hammered Ti for more grip, purple ti hardware and purple, blue and bronze ti lockside. 


OAL  9.25"

Blade length 4.20"

Closed    5.25"

7.4 oz per our scale

3/16" thick S35VN Blade

3/16th thick Ti Hammered and Anodized Scales

Hammered Pocket Clip


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Wilmont Custom Skarn Hammered Ti Purple and Blue S35VN

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